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Waxed Perfume Candle - Tui & Kahili

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Waxed Perfume is our unique name for a candle. Inspired by each of our signature scents, these candles tell their own story. Individually hand poured in New Zealand using 100% natural wax and an unbleached cotton wick. Crafted to perfection, Waxed Perfume delivers, giving up to 50 hours of burn time.

Like sweet nectar enticing the Tui, notes of Wild Spreading Ginger and Delicate Lily will have you scouring the native flora for Tui & Kahlili's alluring scent.

Scent is at the centre of everything Ashley & Co does. Established in a garage by founder Jackie Ashley, the Auckland-based small business focuses on making simple, effective products with the fewest and cleanest ingredients possible to create scents that have a positive effect on your everyday life.

1x scented candle
Up to 50 hours
Hand-blown glass vessel; 100% vegetable wax
Designed and made in New Zealand